Sunday , November 8 2020

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Adding members to unified group via csv

Make sure you Connected to Exchange Online PowerShell To check Unified Group Members – Add Members to Unified Group via CSV – CSV Sample – Double quotes is very important otherwise you many see undesirable adds. You can always use -WhatIf if you want to verify before applying Import-Csv .\usersupn.csv …

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Add Option 60 in DHCP Server for SCCM

You need option 60 in DHCP serve inorder to run sccm task sequence to do the imaging process for windows. if you don’t see the option 60 on the dhcp server you need to add them manually. To add Option 60 From the command line on the DHCP server,  

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Mailboxes into Quarantine after migrating to Exchange 2019

After migrating mailboxes to exchange 2019 from exchange 2016 . Most of the mailboxes went to quarantine all of a sudden and databases went to dismount state and came back to mount state. We couldn’t bring the databases to a stable state. We realized its a bug in exchange 2019. …

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Simulate backup in a Exchange Server to Clear Logs

Simulating backup in a Exchange Server to Clear Logs happens sometimes when the backup stops working and the disk is about to get full. This is the only easy way to clear backups without backing up the exchange server using native disk shadow. Its a way to tell exchange server …

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Migration Endpoint Fails with Connection Exception

Solution –  Make sure Outlook Anywhere succeeds with test account. Make sure you enter the credentials with domain\username in all locations while creating endpoint. Make sure internal and External host name is in the certificate (In a strange case user ad multi domain wild card cert were we move internal …

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Office 365 Branding

Office 365 Branding is the first thing i do on most of the Office 365 projects. as it gives a amazing look and feel for users also its quick and easy without any crazy config files in the past. Also it can be updated in the breeze. Always when the …

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