Tuesday , December 10 2019

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NDR Full access and Send on Behalf permissions over Shared Mailboxes

Suddenly some of our users who have shared mailboxes configured in their Primary Outlook Profile created outlook rules and removed the shared mailbox from their profile. Started receiving Non Delivery reports while using shared mailboxes using their Outlook rule on shared mailboxes to forward emails. After looking into it. It …

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Creating two way Transitive Trust in Windows Server

Let’s see how to build a “Two way Transitive Trust” . You need to have a proper DNS resolution working two way. There are different types of trusts, “Two way Transitive Trust“ is the most used and less complicated trust where both the organizations will have all the permissions over …

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DNS Prerequisites for Cross Forest Migration

Lets see how to create a conditional Forwarder in Microsoft DNS and inflobox to Create Two way transitive Trust prior to the migration. Open Microsoft DNS Manager – Right Click on Conditional Forwarder – New Conditional forwarder Enter the Other Forest Domain Name Choose OK. So any request to Azure365pro.com …

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Installing Windows Admin Center

Download Windows Admin Center Setup Windows Admin Center could be the future of server management in bulk moving away from GUI and using Core based windows servers in the backend. Choose any non used port like 6516 now you can add windows servers for remote management.

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Disable Feedback Hub via Group Policy

Feedback hub could be annoying for Enterprise users request for recommendation. lets see how to disable them via group policy. Computer Configuration _ Administrative Templates _ Windows Components _ Data Collection and Preview Builds _ Do not Show Feedback Notifications _ Enabled Set to Enabled _

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Save Public IPs using F5 LTM Policies

F5 has different modules and one of them is LTM – Local Traffic Manager . At this stage I would like to explain when LTM is faced on the internet facing side. On how we can save Public IPs . LTM has Policies feature where you can re direct traffic …

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