How to restore Exchange Databases from a Storage failure

We should look for options when “Exchange Databases are not mounting” Good backup Available. No Backup – Exchange mailbox Databases are down. Mounting a blank database – Keeping the messaging alive until you repair the exchange databases. Soft recovery and Repairing the Exchange Databases Recovery Databases Have tried to include …

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Outlook Web App X-OWA-Error ExAssertException

Once installing Exchange 2016 Cu8 on Windows Server 2012 R2 gave error on OWA. ECP will work if administrator doesn’t have a mailbox. else even ecp will throw the same error. An unexpected error occurred and your request couldn’t be handled. X-ClientId: F554643C29C44C22B59A1DF6E706EB91 request-id bd391bdf-5057-4d0e-8a4d-c5a4f42f22d2 X-OWA-Error Microsoft.Exchange.Diagnostics.ExAssertException X-OWA-Version 15.1.1415.2 X-FEServer …

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Mail flow Stopped to External – SMTP Relay to Active Directory Site

Mail flow Stopped to External in Queue – SMTP Relay to Active Directory Site Intermittent Emails are not sent to External World. Queue Error  –  “451 4.4.0 primary target IP address responded with “451 5.7.3 Cannot achieve Exchange Server authentication.” Solution  – Two Mailbox Servers in the Environment . One …

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