Sunday , January 19 2020


Implementing Azure Active Directory Connect

Lets go through Azure Active Directory connect to Syncronize OnPrem-Directory to the cloud Install and configure Azure AD Connect Use Azure AD Connect to integrate Azure AD with your on-premises AD Preparing Azure Directory Sync Server with Active Internet–  (Assuming it as a On-prem Active Directory Server) Create New Server …

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Connecting to PowerShell Online

Exchange Online PowerShell (Exchange Settings) Azure Active Directory MSOnline (msol cmdlets) Azure Active Directory PowerShell for Graph (azuread cmdlets) Virtual Machine settings using Powershell (AzureRM cndlets) PowerShell Capabilities are limitless with these modules you can automate most of the repetitive activities with ease. Exchange Online PowerShell Exchange Online PowerShell allows …

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Azure Virtual Network (VNet) Peering UAE to Central US

VNET Peering connects networks seamlessly within and across regions. Local and Global Peering pricing differs region to region. Lets Connect the Virtual Network from UAE North to Central US UAE North Virtual Machine – Central US Virtual Machine – Lets do peering between this …

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Optimize Antispam Settings in Office 365

Lets see how to optimize anti spam settings in office 365. Anti spam settings can be modified from protection portal of office 365.  by default this service is available for all Exchange online users. Login to Threat Management  – Policy – Antispam Turn on the custom policy – Default …

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