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Hosting And Multi Tenancy Guide for Exchange 2013

How to host Exchange 2013 with Minimised Cost ?

I just tried to find some answers for that . and create a step by step procedure


Step 1:

Find the best Location – With Good Power , Can Withstand disaster

If you don’t have a good infrastructure . Never worry , There are Cloud Servers you can rent .

There are many providers in the Market.


Step 2:

Choose a good Control Panel to Server the clients

There are good Software’s in the market.





If you feel you don’t want to invest on a huge licensing cost for a Control panel. There are open source Control Panels available in the market



Note : No much documentation available , You may need to spend much money on Support in fixing some issues


Choose Simplest Architecture – With Good High availability and Best options to Expand




Step 3:

Purchasing Part

Required Hardware –

64Bit Servers – 5

1 hardware load balancer – It can be Cisco ACE , F5 , Kemp

Windows server 2012 licences – 5

Required Public IP – 2

Required Public DNS records – 4 ( As per diagram )

Exchange SSL Cert from Digi Cert, Go Daddy with those DNS entries

Exchange Servers Will need 16GB Ram Each , with high Processor Range

Domain Controllers will require 8 GB Ram Each

Websitepanel Server will require 16GB Ram

All Servers are High availability Configured with this configuration

Website panel Portal server will be single point failure (As is not going to disrupt the service even when it goes down)


Step 4:

Promote 2 Machines as Domain Controllers



Step 5:

Install Exchange 2013 all roles on 2 Servers


Step 6:

Configure Database Availability Group for MBX Role



Step 7:

Configure Client Access High Availability for CAS Role



Step 8:

Configure your Public DNS records to VIP



Step 9:


See How to Install and Configure Open source Control panel for Exchange 2013


How to Install Website Panel 2.1 Windows Server 2012



How to Configure Website Panel 2.1 for Exchange Server 2013




Test the High Availability


Step 11:

Buy a SSL Cert from anyone of the Certificate Providers like Digi Cert,Go Daddy

Configuring 3rd Party SSL Exchange Certificate in Exchange 2013



Step 12:

Find a Client – Start Selling mailboxes

Tough part




Hope Its helpful guide to start from scratch.

Satheshwaran Manoharan
Satheshwaran Manoharanhttps://www.azure365pro.com
Award-winning Technology Leader with a wealth of experience running large teams and diversified industry exposure in cloud computing. From shipping lines to rolling stocks.In-depth expertise in driving cloud adoption strategies and modernizing systems to cloud native. Specialized in Microsoft Cloud, DevOps, and Microsoft 365 Stack and conducted numerous successful projects worldwide. Also, Acting as a Technical Advisor for various start-ups.

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  1. Mohammed,

    Thank you for the information. I am having difficulty figuring out how to make each client’s mail have an appropriate header.

    Can the system be set up so that each tenant appears to have their own email. IE Set the “Sent By / Received From” server name for each of the hosted domains? Then how do you deal with the requirement that mail servers have an RDNS record?


    • Hosted exchange . All email going to sent from same server .
      Just we are segregating users .
      Where one tenant cannot see the other .

  2. Hi
    We currently have a 2010 SP2 multi-tenant hosted enviroment. When setting this up i know there was a lot of stuff to do with setting up each Tenant to make sure they had no access to other tenants etc in the organisation. We now currently have Powershell scripts that we run to create new tenants and new users within those tenants.

    Is there anything special that needs to be done to Active Directory here as i notice this guide has none of that information?

  3. Hi dear

    What about the password sync? means the local AD on the tenant how will be sync with their Ou ?? is there and power shell script can be installed on both side ??


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