Tuesday , November 19 2019


Save Public IPs using F5 LTM Policies

F5 has different modules and one of them is LTM – Local Traffic Manager . At this stage I would like to explain when LTM is faced on the internet facing side. On how we can save Public IPs . LTM has Policies feature where you can re direct traffic ...

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Create a Custom root Folder for all the Mailboxes (Bulk) in Office365

Creating Custom Root folders in all the mailboxes in office365 Download and install Exchange Web services 2.2 from the machine you are going to execute it.(Am doing it from my windows 8 desktop) http://www.microsoft.com/en-in/download/confirmation.aspx?id=42951 Open Powershell in your Local machine (Run as administrator) Now verified am into Office365 powershell successfully. ...

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How to Edit the OWA front page in Exchange 2010

Let us see how to change the Outlook web app(OWA) Logon page in Exchange 2010 Browse into the Exchange Installation location \V14\Client Access\OWA\<version number>\themes\resources Every .gif file inside this folder serves its own purpose Am going to customize a little For Example : Open : lgntopl.gif Take a backup of ...

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Create a Custom root Folder in all the Mailboxes (Bulk) in Exchange 2010

 Download Script – CustomRootFolder.ps1 Refer the below link for the original script , and Customized it a little http://blogs.msdn.com/b/akashb/archive/2011/07/23/creating-folder-using-ews-managed-api-1-1-from-powershell.aspx And Please Test in your lab – Before proceeding into your live Environment There is a a good script where we can use to create a Custom root Folder in all ...

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