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How to Configure Outlook Web App , Active Sync , Exchange Control Panel in Exchange 2013

Configuring Virtual Directories Simplified.

You need to make sure three things.

  1. External URLs are configured correctly.
  2. Right Ports are opened in the firewall.
  3. Certificates been Assigned properly


Then Outlook WebApp , Active Sync and ECP should work without any issues.

1. External URLs are configured correctly.

Open EAC (Exchange Admin Center) –> Servers –> Virtual Directories

Choose the Server you want to Configure which will be a internet facing client access server.

Click on the Spanner sign



Enter the External Client access domain .


To Configure it manually . – Powershell commands are for all available virtual directories. If you multiple servers please specify them

$urlpath = “https://mail.careexchange.in”
get-webservicesvirtualdirectory | Set-webservicesvirtualdirectory -ExternalUrl “$urlpath/ews/exchange.asmx”
get-oabvirtualdirectory | Set-oabvirtualdirectory –ExternalUrl “$urlpath/oab”
get-owavirtualdirectory |Set-owavirtualdirectory –ExternalUrl “$urlpath/owa”
get-ecpvirtualdirectory | Set-ecpvirtualdirectory –ExternalUrl “$urlpath/ecp” 
get-ActiveSyncVirtualDirectory | Set-ActiveSyncVirtualDirectory -ExternalUrl "$urlpath/Microsoft-Server-ActiveSync"

To Check the Existing Internal/External Urls

get-ClientAccessServer | fl *url*
get-webservicesvirtualdirectory | fl *url*
get-oabvirtualdirectory | fl *url*
get-owavirtualdirectory | fl *url*
get-ecpvirtualdirectory | fl *url*
get-ActiveSyncVirtualDirectory | fl *url*

2. Right Ports are opened in the firewall.

Ports need to be opened in the firewall —

25 – SMTP

443 – HTTPS

80 – HTTP

110 – POP TCP (TLS)

995 – POP TCP (SSL)

143 – IMAP TCP (TLS)

993 – IMAP TCP (SSL)

3.Certificates been Assigned properly

Configuring 3rd Party SSL Exchange Certificate in Exchange 2013


How to import a Wildcard SSL Certificate in Exchange 2013


How to use a internal Windows CA (Certificate Authority) in Windows 2012 with Exchange 2013


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