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Something went wrong on Office 365 Mailbox

Outlook –

Something went wrong – Outlook couldn’t set up your account. Please try again. if the problem continues. contact our email administrator


Error –

  • Description: ┬áSomething went wrong Something went wrong and we couldn’t complete your request. cId: 175C246E2FFA4A739C309FD3B5C71CF2 app: Mail st: 500 reqid: null wsver: null efe: DXXP273CA0024, DXXP273CA0024, DXXP273CA0024 ebe: VI1PR04MB6064 et: ServerError esrc: StartupData err: Microsoft.Exchange.Data.Storage.MailboxInfoStaleException estack: Microsoft.Exchange.Data.Storage.DatabaseNotFoundException ts: 2020-11-27 08:04:04Z

Solution –

The issue turned out to be the same as below the user-created an identical live account by mistake.
I have the detailed steps in the below article on how a user can rename the live account they created by mistake causing this issue.

Someone has already setup Teams for your Organization

There could be other reasons for this error –

  • Office 365 Outage


Satheshwaran Manoharan
Satheshwaran Manoharanhttps://www.azure365pro.com
Specialized in Microsoft Azure - Office 365 / Microsoft Exchange; conducted numerous projects worldwide in designing, supporting, and implementing messaging and virtualization infrastructure for medium-sized and large enterprises. Further, I am a Cloud Architect and Technical Advisor for various start-ups.

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