Thursday , June 11 2020

Someone has already setup Teams for your Organization

Someone has already setup Teams for your Organization it happens where user is using the same Company email in users sign up to with Company email which they do it my mistake or in other cases user had a MSDN License where they had to use the company email to use (Personal Account) to retrieve visual studio licenses.(As they never had Azure AD Auth on that time). It also doesn’t allow the user to sign in sometimes intermittently. if you use Web App Teams  it will work without any issues.As the initial prompt is visible to choose between a work and personal account. It happens only on the windows thick client.

Lets see how to get into using Company email and remove it . So that work account start functioning Properly using azure AD Authentication.

Current Architecture – Azure AD Connect Synchronizes the Active Directory and Hybrid is in Place with Office 365.


Lets see how to gett inside the live account and rename the sign in email in So that company account starts working.

Choose “Sign in”


even though you know this user must not be using this page.


Choose Forgot Password


Get the code


Enter the code


Reset your Password


Your Password is Changed


Choose “My Profile”


Choose “Manage how you sign in to Microsoft”


Enter code again


Now add an additional email – So that we can remove the company email from


Added an Outlook Address.


Make Primary


Now remove the Company Email


Now remove the company domain/alias from


Now your Company Email is Removed from


Now leave it for 20 minutes – Sign in to Teams. You are into your Company Account now without any issues.

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  1. Thats why i always prefer Cisco

  2. How is changing what you want to use for something you don’t want to use a solution?

  3. hello,
    is an solution if you didn’t know which user is admin? can find out which one is?
    many thnaks

  4. I wonder why people like Apple.

  5. Muhammad Yazid

    What happens if the email that im trying to remove is a student email? Will my lecturers be able to reach me with this new email just by looking up my old one or

  6. This worked perfectly… many thanks!

  7. Thank you, this worked!

  8. This has not worked for me.
    I have a user in this situation, and the above has not resolved.

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