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Search-mailbox sent Received to Specific External Recipient

Retrieving and Exporting mailbox Content sent and received to specific external Recipient.

Click the below Link – Make sure the Admin has appropriate Permissions


First did a Estimation on How many emails –


Search-Mailbox –Identity sath@localhost  -SearchQuery "From:90devilforwarder@gmail.com" –EstimateResultOnly

TO –

Search-Mailbox –Identity sath@localhost  -SearchQuery "to:90devilforwarder@gmail.com" –EstimateResultOnly

Verified its pulling up some results.

Exported to my administrator mailbox –

Search-Mailbox –Identity sath@localhost  -SearchQuery "From:90devilforwarder@gmail.com" -TargetMailbox Administrator -TargetFolder FROMDEVIL
Search-Mailbox –Identity sath@localhost  -SearchQuery "To:90devilforwarder@gmail.com" -TargetMailbox Administrator -TargetFolder TODEVIL

Some Options with Date Range –

Search-Mailbox -Identity sath@localhost -SearchQuery '(subject:"Clusters") AND (from:sathes@careexchange.in) AND (Received:4/28/2020..4/28/2020)' -EstimateResultOnly
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