Tuesday , November 10 2020

Discovery Search (eDiscovery)

Search-mailbox sent Received to Specific External Recipient

Retrieving and Exporting mailbox Content sent and received to specific external Recipient. Click the below Link – Make sure the Admin has appropriate Permissions https://www.azure365pro.com/deleting-a-specific-email-from-entire-organization-in-exchange-2010-2/ First did a Estimation on How many emails – FROM – TO – Verified its pulling up some results. Exported to my administrator mailbox – …

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How to Clean up a Mailbox or Clean up the Dumpster using Discovery Search in Exchange 2010

Updated – Supports Exchange 2010/2013 and Exchange 2016 Lets say I want to Clean up a Users mailbox completely to have a fresh Start. We can use Discovery Search to do this task First Assign the Permissions which is required to use discovery Search – Refer Below link https://www.azure365pro.com/deleting-a-specific-email-from-entire-organization-in-exchange-2010-2/ I …

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