Monday , November 18 2019

How to Turn Off User account Control In Windows Server 2008 R2

In Some Scenarios , we end up in Turning of UAC , User account Control to get rid of Permission issues on the server.


Let see , How to do it.

Start – Control Panel – User accounts


User accounts



Change User Account Control Settings



Get this dragged to “Never Notify” – Which gets the UAC “User account Control” disabled



This requires a Reboot to get it applied on the user completely


Its not over . If you feel User account control still interrupts – Which might be managed via Local Policy on the computer



Start – Administrative Tools – Local Security Policy



Security Settings – Local Policies – Security Options



Check “User account Control : Admin Approval Mode is disabled


Verifying the above things. User account Control (UAC) – Does not interrupt or create permission issues on the server


Reference link:



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  1. How can I apply this step for all my users? Is it possible through account policies?


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