How to Create an SSL Certificate Request for Exchange Server 2013

First we will learn how to Export a Certificate request file from Exchange 2013/Exchange 2016,

Step 1:

Login to Exchange Administration Center (EAC) in Exchange 2013

Servers – Certificates – Click on the “+” Sign – New



  • Create a request for a Certificate from the Certification authority



Type a Friendly Name :


Leave it unchecked

Wild Card is used if you are going to manage more URLs .For Example : *


Choose the Server to have the Cert Request


Step 2:

Enter the Required URL’s for your Exchange ,


For Example Am entering only for Outlook Web App (When accessed from the internet)


Step 3:

You will see the collection for URL’s

Traditionally –

Exchange requires only two Entries in the Cert, if you have other entries in the cert for some other purposes it doesn’t affect anything .

Other entries can be removed. Servernames which has .local is not being allowed on a 3rd party Cert.


Step 4:

Fill out the Form


Create a Simple Share to Save the Cert Request


Save the Cert Request to a Shared Location as below


Now you could see the Pending Cert Request


Step 5:
Your request file would look like this


Open it via Notepad , because we need this content to generate a Certificate


I would recommend to use a 3rd party  commercial certificate where you need to purchase it from DigiCert


If you are planning to use internal Windows CA which is for free but you got to install the Cert on every client as its not trusted globally

How to use a internal Windows CA (Certificate Authority) in Windows 2012 with Exchange 2013

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  1. Hi Sir,

    Its Mehdi, I just buy godaddy domain, SSL, and primary dns…
    I am complete new in this all thing, please explain me how to complete this pending request using godaddy..

    or what i will do and where I copy this all code means (certificate request)..


    • Satheshwaran Manoharan

      Get a Certificate Request file from Exchange server. Go daddy has a option to import it and Give a Cert

  2. Ignacio Beltran

    Hi, im about to migrate on a client, from exchange 2007, to 2013. they asked if 2013 allow in the cert, the wildcards and multiple domains. is that allowed?

  3. Easy ?eazsy 😉 <3

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