Tuesday , August 4 2020

Active Directory

Password Export Server 3.2 – Unable to establish a session with the password export server

While doing cross forest move between Exchange2010 to Exchange 2010 , I had to configure PES (Password Export Service) to migrate passwords of the mailboxes   If you are confused with the first line,Please read the below post and come back. https://www.azure365pro.com/how-to-migrate-users-across-forest-cross-forest-using-admt-3-2-with-sid-and-passwords/   Below error was popping up : “Unable …

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How to Install Windows Server 2012

Download Windows Server 2012 Its so Simple – Experts Please Excuse Download a ISO or Get a VHD if you are using a Hyper-V Insert – Boot it Agree to Terms Choose Next Enter your Admin Credentials     Enter your Admin Credentials   New Dashboard Really Looks Cool ! …

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