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VxRail 3.5 Deployment in VLAN without DHCP – Hyper Converged

Don’t Start without these –

Two 10GE  Ports connected to each Node from the 10ge Switch with proper SFPs connected  – Validation will not succeed without this.

With DHCP life can be more simpler when it comes to Vxrail  or Enable Ipv6 Multicast.

For Initial Configuration.

Required information to Start with –

  • NTP Server IPs
  • DNS Server IPs
  • ESXi hostnames and IPpools for adding Additional Nodes in future.
  • Hostnames/ips/Passwords for VCenter,PlatformServiceController,VxRail manager,Esxi,Vrealize log Insight
  • IPpools/VLANs for vMotion,virtual SAN,VM networks.
  • VRealize Logging – hostname/ip


  • Changing Esxi Hosts Initial IP (Cannot have DHCP in my VLAN)
  • Changing the Initial IP for VxRail Setup (Cannot have DHCP in my VLAN)
  • Need DNS Servers (In my Case have Domain Controllers)
  • Need NTP Servers (In my Case have Domain Controllers)



Back –



Configuring Mgmt Ports –

  • Reboot Each hosts –
  • press F2 Continiously.
  • Enter Bios password – emcbios
  • Enter BMC Lan Configuration
  • Enter Static IPs
  • Configure User/password

On – Vxrail 4.5  – BMC comes with Default DHCP IP

Username admin

Password admin


  • Node down the DHCP EMC TAG Name on Each Node, (Need to Add A records in the DNS for vXRAIL Manager to Configure initially).


Get inside the DNS server you are going to use for initial Resolving –

EMCTAG-01 to Esxi-Manual-IP

for XRAIL manager to pick up the manual hosts.


Getting inside XRAIL Manager-

  • Get inside Node 1 –with Display/Keyboard/Mouse – Disable DHCP – Change Esxi Host IP to Manual – Enter VLAN ID
  • Login with root and Passw0rd!
  • Do the same for all  Nodes for the complete configuration

Note : Only one VMnic will be active. leave as it is. Connect a 10g port to the switch.

Brocade in my case -example-

interface TenGigabitEthernet 3/0/9


switchport mode trunk

switchport trunk allowed vlan add 100-200

switchport trunk tag native-vlan

spanning-tree shutdown

no shutdown

Now use a Jump Server (Connected to the  same switch with your convenience  ) and a Thick Vsphere Client.

  • Login to the manual IP host
  • Login with root and Passw0rd!


Enter VLAN id for VM Network and verify for Vkernel


Open Console of Vrealize manager and run below to change iP – Note (Take a Snapshot if possible. Things can’t be reverted easily)

systemctl status vmware-marvin
systemctl stop vmware-marvin
/opt/vmware/share/vami/vami_set_network eth0 STATICV4 <new_IP> <new_subnet mask> <new_gateway>

Run it and wait for the message . Reboot the esxi host with xrail manager.


My Domain Controllers IP  –

  • AD001
  • AD002

Checking which one is my NTP server –  PDC (My NTP)

netdom query fsmo
netdom query dc

Looks like AD001 is my NTP


Verified my XRAIL has access to NTP Servers and DNS Servers –


Now get inside XRAIL manager from Jump Server –




















New XRAIL manager IP you specified –

username – administrator@vsphere.local

Password-use the xrail password for initial configuration.

  • Now It will configure with the Internal DNS of Vcenter.
  • you have to use the DNS of Vcenter from Jump Server in order to open Console and other things.
  • Start using Hostnames not IPs




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