Uninstalling Exchange Server 2013

Uninstalling Legacy Exchange 2013 Servers

Post migration to Exchange 2016 or later. Lets see how to remove exchange 2013 Server.

1.Verify No Mailboxes Exist on Exchange 2013 Server

2.Check for Arbitration mailboxes on Exchange Server 2013 and Move them to Exchange 2016 Server.

3. Make sure all the databases are removed.

4.Verify any applications are used for Email relaying with Exchange 2013 Server in Receive Connectors

5.You need to remove the servers from the send connectors (Source Transport Servers).

6.Disabling Third Party Services

7.Make Sure DAG membership is removed

Lets see if its an incomplete installation

An incomplete installation was detected. Run Setup to Complete Exchange Installation




Remove Watermark and Action

Copied below Keys from working server. Ran uninstall


Uninstall Exchange Server Completed


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