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Single Sign-on using Azure AD with Static Web Apps

Single Sign-on using Azure AD with Static Web Apps, let’s create a Simple Azure AD Page, Enable Single Sign-on Using Azure AD.
Uploaded the same javascript below the GitHub repo.

Sign in, Redirects to Microsoft Login, and Logout Kills all the session.

GitHub Repo Reference – azure365pro/AAD-StaticWebApp: Simple Login Logout Page using Azure AD in Static Web App (github.com)

Let’s create an Azure Static Web App, Deployment source is GitHub.

Choose Organization / Repo / Branch / Build presets to Custom

Now the site is loaded using GitHub repo

Now lets create an enterprise application for Single Sign on

Assign users for enabling sso


Add a Variable for the same


Add a Variable for the same – Choose SAVE

Modify staticwebapp.config.json based on your environment, Maybe you can fork it and do a simple lab.

The appropriate tenant ID is updated in the JSON file.

App User.Read Permissions

Grant Admin Consent

Redirect URIs based on your URL Add /.auth/login/aad/callback

Choose Web

Based on my URL – Changing the login route to Authenticated directory.


As soon as you update any files – you can see GitHub Actions takes places to deploy

Update Index.js on Sign in Button action


Now after login

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