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Setting Up Strapi on Azure App Service Environment

Step 1:

Log in to the Azure Portal and navigate to the Marketplace

Step 2:

Type ‘Strapi’ in the search box and select ‘Strapi on Azure App Service

Step 3:

The template uses some default settings and configuration as mentioned below, they can be changed by editing the ARM template.

  • Azure App Service – Basic B1
  • Azure Database for MySQL – Basic, 1 vCore(s), 5 GB (Gen5)
  • Storage Account – General Purpose v2 Standard

Click the create button.

Step 4:

Create a Resource Group and Review/Create Resources.

Deployment takes more than 20 minutes

Step 5:

IMPORTANT NOTE: It takes a good 15 minutes or more before the URL starts working.

Once the deployment is finished open your Web App URL. In my case:  strapisqae5web.azurewebsites.net

Add ‘/admin’ to the URL!


I have been working as Cloud engineer in System Administration field in Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Office 365 / Exchange Servers / Endpoint Manager / Azure Active Directory (IAM) / PowerShell

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