Wednesday , August 12 2020

Pin Point DNS for your non-internet facing exchange server

Scenario – Site to site proxying with one Internet facing Exchange server

Site 1 (Primary) – Exchange Server (Internet Facing Server)

Site 2 (Secondary) – Exchange Server (Non- Internet Facing Server)

Site 2 server name has to have “A” record called pointing to internal IP. Where has has websites/external applications etc. Creating a zone called internally where i need to recreate all public dns records internally for my active directory users.

Alternatively,You can create DNS records for internal objects which doesn’t have a Zone. If you create a Forward Lookup Zone for them then you need to maintain all the external records for that domain. Which will be headache for any admin.

To overcome this – We can create a Pin-Point record in Microsoft DNS server with very minimal effort.

Open Microsoft DNS server – Click on new zone


Choose Primary zone –


Choose To all Domain Controller in this domain :


Choose “Allow only secure dynamic updates (recommended for Active Directory)”


Enter – – is my backend site,Root domain has many public dns records where i don’t want to create a internal zone and manage those records Internal and external.

creating a pin point dns only for this record,am not touching any other record except


now i have created a internal dns record for my backend site. Which doesn’t affect my external dns records for internal Active directory users.



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