Tuesday , November 10 2020

Office 365 Branding

Office 365 Branding is the first thing i do on most of the Office 365 projects. as it gives a amazing look and feel for users also its quick and easy without any crazy config files in the past. Also it can be updated in the breeze. Always when the business logo is white i go for the task page going white so that the logo blends into the task pane. Below are two locations where Office 365 allows to customize. for task pane logo if you have a designer with get an .svg file so that it expands and displays in azure portal perfectly.

If you have a Office 365 subscription and you didn’t apply branding you are missing something which you paying for. Also when there is phishing link of Microsoft page. user is get used to login page with branding which help in certain cases.

Admin Panel / User Panel


  • 200 x 30px
  • 1366 x 50px

Login Background Page and Panel


  • 280x60px
  • 1920×1080

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Satheshwaran Manoharan is an Microsoft Office Server and Services MVP , Publisher of Azure365pro.com. Specialized in Office365 / Microsoft Exchange / Virtualization , Sathesh is an Messaging Expert supporting/Designing/Deploying many medium size businesses to large enterprises when it comes to Corporate messaging and Virtualization Infrastructure

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