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Modify ADAccountExpiration date for Users in Bulk using CSV Import

Got the CSV in below Format –

EmployeeID Username EndDate
EES01 Ram.shankar 4/6/2016
EES02 Ajay.george 11/28/2016
EES03 Karthick.Kane 5/25/2016
EES04 Vaishika.Sathesh 9/1/2016


  • Always change the format to MM/DD/YYYY  – Please verify in your case. (Note : TO change formats in bulk excel is the best choice Choose those columns – Format Cells and choose the type you want)
  • Accounts get expired in a day prior which you specify here.

Like Query for an Existing user who as an existing expiry date . And verify the format.

Get-ADUser -Identity sathesh.manoharan -Properties accountexpirationdate


Login to an Domain Controller

Open PowerShell – Run as Administrator

Import-Module ActiveDirectory

TO Check Prior (WHATIF) –  (Note: Shell is pointing to CSV location or change the CSV location like C:\ )

Import-Csv '.\Employees.csv' | foreach {Set-ADAccountExpiration -identity $_.username -Date
Time $_.EndDate -whatif}

TO Change –

Import-Csv '.\Employees.csv' | foreach {Set-ADAccountExpiration -identity $_.username -Date
Time $_.EndDate}
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