Wednesday , June 10 2020

Message submission rate for this client has exceeded

421 4.4.2 Message submission rate for this client has exceeded the configured limit.

In my case Application was using Port 25 and using the app custom connector on load balanced Exchange 2016 servers and message rate limit was set to unlimited.

Get-ReceiveConnector SERVERNAME\* | FT Name,bindings,MessageRateLimit


Also verified in load balancer rate limit is set to unlimited. Lets see how to check the same in F5

Application services _ Applications _ smtp


Connection limit is set to Unlimited.


Solution –

Late realized its the Client proxy connector causing the bottleneck. Increased from 5 which is the default value . Changed to 30.

NOTEĀ  : Below Commands sets the rate limit for all Exchange servers in the environment. Use Servername\ for specific server.

Get-ReceiveConnector "*\Client Proxy*" | FT Name,*RateLimit*
Get-ReceiveConnector "*\Client Proxy*" | Set-ReceiveConnector -MessageRateLimit 30


if you have issue on Port 587 IMAP mail submission- you should increase Rate Limit on below connector

  • Client Frontend Receive connector

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  1. Hi all, my send & receive connectors message rate limit was 1000. but still I’m unable to sent 130 mails at a time. mails are sending to 10 users only. can you please help in this ? at where i need to change settings?

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