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Integrating various systems with Authentication on Exchange Server

Securing all the sources of Exchange servers with Authentication is a bigger challenge. But Securing it makes like a lot easier when accounts gets compromised . Only One particular email gets compromised.  Also when the application team wish to move to authentication . There should not be any changes from exchange side when they add or remove applications. That’s why submitting message on 587 becomes handy with IMAP. where you don’t need any additional configuration on Exchanges server.

Default IMAP Settings for Outlook on Exchange Server. Make sure Outlook works well. Before testing with any Application with Authentication . I wish to had most of the common application in the same article.


Lets see how to integrate Oracle service-oriented architecture (SOA) with IMAP Integration to Process and notify user via emails

Always use Specified Send Address . If you use default address. It will try to Send As for all the workflow specified.

Note : Recommended to use separate mailboxes for each workflow.


Message Folder INBOX

Note : We are just using the default IMAP Settings of exchange server . No Addition configuration required on exchange server. just the initial IMAP has to be configured properly with SSL.


Lets see how to Configure Manage Engine Service Desk Plus with IMAP Authentication.


Using HP Printers with Authentication


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