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How to Setup Transport Moderation for Sensitive Emails sent to Sensitive Users in your Organization in Exchange 2010

Lets say you have a Distribution Group which contains more sensitive users in your Organization

and you are more cautious on what emails are sent to that Distribution group and you feel it has to be approved by a person or a Delegate or yourself as a Admin


So that you can avoid unwanted emails are sent to the distribution Group (Which Contains sensitive users)


Then Transport moderation is the best setup you can go for in Exchange 2010, Which has more flexibility


I would explain the work flow , You can customize as per your thoughts and usability


In my case-

Distribution Group Name : “Sensitive Members in the Organization”

Moderator : Moderator <>


Step 1:


lets See on how to do it.

Right Click –> New Transport Rule




Step 2:

Choose a friendly Name


Step 3:


Select – “Sent to a Member of Distribution list”

Choose the Distribution Group Name which has to be moderated


In my case  Distribution Group Name is “Sensitive Members in the Organization”

Choose Next


Step 4:


Select – “forward the message to addresses for moderation”

Choose the Moderator Name

In my case its “Moderator <>”

Choose Next


Step 5:

Choose Next





Now the Transport Rule has been created Successfully !!


Lets test it , how it works


Am going to send an abusive or an unwanted mail from a random user (User1) to the Sensitive distribution group (Which contains sensitive users)


Now that mail does not going to reach the Distribution Group directly, Unless the moderator approves it

Its going to store in the arbitration mailbox until its gets approves or rejected




Now the Moderator Gets an Email to approve or Reject the mail which has been sent to the Sensitive Distribution Group



If moderator Approves. Mail will be sent to the members without any hassle


if User rejects

Sender will be intimated with an rejected email




Hope Transport moderation feature has been explained !!

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  1. i want to create Distribution Group in Exchange 2013 with owner approval, it is created but, if someone want to join the DG, it will receive “The operation you requested couldn’t be performed at this time. Please try again later.” what is missing to create DG?

    thanks in advance

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