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How to restore Exchange 2010 database using Data Protection Manager 2012

lets see how to restore a Exchange 2010 database from backup using Data Protection Manager 2012 and restore mailbox content

Scenario – One specific user deletes a set of mails which crosses the retention period (Default retention is 14 days) and he wants to restore it


Step 1 :

Create recovery database in exchange 2010

Login to Exchange server , Open Exchange Management shell

New-MailboxDatabase -Recovery -Name RecoverDB –Server “MailboxServerName”


Step 2 :

Find the database information of the user you want to restore

Get-mailbox “Mailboxalias” | fl Name,Database,ServerName


Step 3:

Choose Recovery bottom Left

Choose the right Server / Database

Choose the time you want to recover

Choose Recover on the top Left



Step 4:

Choose next verifying the information



Step 5:

Choose Recover Mailbox to an Exchange Server Database


Step 6:

Choose browse and choose the right server information

Choose the Recovery Database Name

Note : Only Recovery Database can be entered



Step 6:

Choose next

If you want to the Choose the email option , you can


Step 7:

Choose Recover




Step 7:

Now RecoverDB is mounted by DPM 2012


To Merge a Specified Mailbox –

Restore-Mailbox -Identity Tarun -RecoveryDatabase RecoverDB


To get the content in another mailbox –

Tarun’s mailbox content into Admin’s mailbox under the Recovery folder

Restore-Mailbox -Identity Admin -RecoveryDatabase RecoverDB -RecoveryMailbox Tarun -TargetFolder Recovery
Great ! Hope the article is informative !

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  1. Good One..The magic of database potability explored by DPM..Keep going Sathesh.

  2. Hi Satheshwaran,

    We tried the trick you described in the post but could not able to recover. Then we moved to third party Exchange recovery software.

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