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How to remove old files from specified directories using PowerShell-Plesk

Removing old iis logs in plesk

Here is the situation

I have 1600 + clients per server

And every client has its own IIS logs in their folder


For example

IIS log directory for Client1




Wrote a Simple Script where it goes into these folders and removes the log files of every client which are 15 days old

$allclients = Get-ChildItem "E:\vhosts"

Foreach ($client in $allclients)

$location = "E:\vhosts\$client\statistics\logs\w3*"
$DeleteDays = (Get-Date).adddays(-4)
Get-ChildItem "$location" -Recurse | Where-object {$_.lastwritetime -lt $DeleteDays} | remove-item

Save it to .ps1 and run it Smile

Customize it as per your requirement

For plesk servers these are much suitable

Satheshwaran Manoharan
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