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Monday, February 6, 2023

How to Prepare a Include File For ADMT 3.2

Let see how to prepare a INCLUDE file in ADMT, We can create a CSV for Migrating the mailboxes across forest, But in order to move Custom Users using ADMT (To Migrate User Accounts and Passwords) and change their UPN while its moved to the destination forest.

To View the ADMT migration procedure ( View the Below link )


The best way is to Create a INCLUDE File and use that in ADMT 3.2

Create a CSV file – SourceName,TargetSam,TargetUPN




Now Open ADMT – User Account Migration Wizard

Select “Read Objects from an Include File”


Browse for the Source CSV file,

And Choose the Source OU structure (If Users are spreaded in Sub OU’s , Choosing the Root OU, ADMT can pull it from Sub OU’s)



Now User accounts are migrated in Bulk

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