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How to Find the Management Roles Assigned to a User in Exchange 2010

Its always a problem on finding, What Roles the Current user is Assigned to, Not sure on what all he has having access to.

You can use the Below PowerShell Command to Find in which role assigments the user is part of in Exchange Role based acess groups.

Replace with “Username” with the Alias of the mailbox

Get-ManagementRoleAssignment -GetEffectiveUsers | Where-Object {$_.EffectiveUserName -eq "Username"} | select-object Role



Satheshwaran Manoharan
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  1. Hi Satheshwaran,

    Can we know which commands a perticular user(admin) can execute depend on the permissions given to him?


    • Check what all roles assigned to the user. = Check what all the commands the role contains.
      login as him — run — Get-command

  2. Hi I am trying to get a user name with a specific role assigned for e.g. Get-User | Get-ManagementRoleAssignment -Role ‘audit logs’

    Ho can I get this working. Please help

  3. Six years later and this is the most helpful article I’ve found. Nothing helpful (cmdlet or article wise) from Microsoft

    Many thanks for this simple yet evidently necessary post!

  4. The command only works for first 1000 entries. We have over 10 K entries where it is not pulling all the roles assigned to an admin. I tried to explore but it appears there is no parameter called resultsize or -All .


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