How to Enable MRS Proxy and Increase timeout In Exchange 2010

The Mailbox Replication Proxy (MRSProxy) service is installed on every Exchange 2010 Client Access server. MRSProxy helps to facilitate cross-forest move requests and runs on the remote forest’s Exchange 2010 Client Access server. However, by default, MRSProxy is disabled

If we are going to do a Cross forest move mailbox ,

Source Forest Exchange 2010 Client Access Server should have MRS proxy enabled to facilitate the Remote move

If the Source Forest CAS servers are in a Cas Array

All Client Access servers in the Network Load Balancing (NLB) array must have MRSProxy started

Otherwise you will end up with an Error


 To Enable MRS Proxy

Set-WebServicesVirtualDirectory -Identity "EWS (Default Web Site)" -MRSProxyEnabled $true


To Increase Time Out

Browse to the Below Location

C:\Program FIles\Microsoft\Exchange Server\v14\ClientAccess\exchweb\ews


Open Web.Config Using Notepad

Browse to the bottom or Find Mrsproxy , Get to the Below Location

By default It will be “00:01:00” , Where if you feel MRS proxy gets to a idle time out we can increase that 20:00:00 minutes maximum


Take a Copy of the Web.config File , you can change to “00:20:00” minutes as below


Save And Close it

and Do a iisreset in your command prompt

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  1. Hi,

    I think this “Set-WebServicesVirtualDirectory -Identity “EWS (Default Web Site)” -MRSProxyEnabled $true” works only on Exchange with SP2 installed, so for Release or SP1 web.config must be edited.

    Best regards!

  2. I have few questions to clarify with email migration from exchange 2010 to office 365
    1. For hybrid setup in exchange 2010 sp2. When I add my office 365 forest to my exchange server its prompts an error and it seems error related to SP, I guess I need to upgrade to SP 3. Now my concern is during this upgrade there will be an upgrade for AD scheme which is more serious thing need to note down , is there any way to skip this ad schema update and if not is there any workaround solutions?

    2. Another method: Let say if I am not going to upgrade and not going to implement hybrid, is there any other method to move my mail box from on- premise to exchange online (office 365) by batch. Notice cut-over migration will migrate all the mail box but we need to do batch by batch

    Please advice

  3. Korsakov Dmitry

    Thanks for a great manual.
    Just a question. Can i run PS script in source forest? And Which Permissions Need to use PSscript? Do i need perrmission group organization manegemet in boch forest? Tnx u.

  4. For Exchange 2007 sp3 while running command

    A Parameter cannot be found that matches parameter name ‘MRSProxyEnabled’

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