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How to do a manual Gal sync from Exchange 2010 to Exchange 2013

Here is the Scenario –

Exchange 2010 Users/Contacts/Distribution groups  to show up in their Exchange 2013 forest as Mail Contacts.

Lets see how to export from Exchange 2010 forest and Import them In Exchange 2013 forest as Mail Contacts


Step 1 –

Taking a Manual Dump of Mailboxes,Mail Contacts,Distribution Groups

Open Exchange Management Shell in Exchange 2010



Get-Mailbox -ResultSize Unlimited | Select-Object * | Export-csv C:\Mailboxes.csv
Get-MailContact -ResultSize Unlimited | Select-Object * | Export-Csv C:\MailContacts.csv


Get-DistributionGroup -ResultSize Unlimited | Select-Object * | Export-Csv C:\DistributionGroups.csv



Step 2 –

Move the Mailboxes.csv,MailContacts.csv,DistributionGroups.csv to the Exchange 2013 Server root C Drive.


Step 3 –

Start the transcript in Exchange 2013 Shell So that you can save all the happening in this session

Start-Transcript C:\log.txt



Step 4 –

Create a new Root OU “Contacts” and import them

–Change Appropriate Domain Name in OrganizationalUnit Paramter.


Import-Csv "C:\Mailboxes.csv" | Foreach{new-mailcontact -name $_.displayname -ExternalEmailAddress $_.Primarysmtpaddress -OrganizationalUnit "domain.com/Contacts"}
Import-Csv "C:\Mailcontacts.csv" | Foreach{new-mailcontact -name $_.displayname -ExternalEmailAddress $_.Primarysmtpaddress -OrganizationalUnit "domain.com/Contacts"}
Import-Csv "C:\distributionGroups.csv" | Foreach{new-mailcontact -name $_.displayname -ExternalEmailAddress $_.Primarysmtpaddress -OrganizationalUnit "domain.com/Contacts"}


Step 5-

Update your Global Address list and Offline Address book .

Note – GAL takes effect instantly in Outlook Web Access, Address book in Outlook Takes at least 24 hours to update.

Get-GlobalAddressList | Update-GlobalAddressList
Get-OfflineAddressBook | Update-OfflineAddressBook


Step 6-



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