Thursday , May 14 2020

How to disable Loop back adapter from registering in DNS server–Windows Server 2012

Using Software Load balancers , Having the Loopback LAN IP assigned on many machines , Registering same IP from different machines. will cause DNS ip duplication


So best practice is to disable DNS registration on the unwanted LANs

LAN – Properties – IPV4 – Advanced



Make sure ipv6 address is not registering on DNS server as well .

To disable Ipv6 using powershell

New-ItemProperty -Path HKLM:\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\services\TCPIP6\Parameters -Name DisabledComponents -PropertyType DWord -Value 0xffffffff

To Disable IPv6 address registering to DNS server

netsh int ipv6 6to4 set state disabled

Make sure none of the LANs are Using IPv6 , before running that command

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