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How to Create Organization Relationship in Exchange 2010

Federation Trust – federation trust establishes a trust relationship between a Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 organization

Organization relationship – Federating Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 organization ,

Enables Exchange 2010 Organization  to create a Relationship to an another  Exchange 2010 Organization for the purpose of sharing calendar availability (free/busy) information.

Prerequisites for creating Organization relationship

Your Organization has to be federated

Step 1:

Making sure the destination Organization is federated

Get-federationinformation –DomainName “ExternalDomainName.com”


Step 2:

Once you confirm destination Organization is federated

Open Exchange Management Console

Organization Configuration -> Organizational Relationships -> New Organization Relationship


Step 3:

Type a friendly Name

Make sure

“Enable this Organization Relationship” is Checked

“Enable free/busy information access” is checked

Choose free/busy access with time only.

Choose Next


Step 4:

Enter the External Organization domain Name which needs to have an Organizational relationship

Choose Next



And Choose New,

And Organization Relationship have been Created successfully.


You can use powershell Commands like

Test-OrganiztionRelationship to verify the organization relationship

Test-OrganizationRelationship -Identity Contoso.com -UserIdentity test.it@careexchange.in -verbose

Contoso.com denotes the External Organization where we have relationship with

Careexchange.in is our Exchange Domain


Hope it is Useful Smile


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