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How to Copy all NDRs/DSN to a mailbox in Exchange 2013

Exchange Server 2013 uses delivery status notifications (DSN) to provide non-delivery reports (NDRs) and other status messages to message senders


All NDRs Generated from the server can be forwarded to a mailbox so that you can watch over internal NDR’s and External NDR’s to be proactive from getting blacklisted.

Also it helps to be proactive to get in touch with internal users when they struggle with NDR’s

Note : It can be forwarded only to a Mailbox – Not to a Distribution Group – It cannot be forwarded to a Distribution Group from Postmaster mailbox as well.


Step 1 :

First Login to ECP – Create a Mailbox with your primary address –

Make your Display Name only PostMaster

Note – Make sure you have a good amount of mailbox size. otherwise once its full . It will stop receiving NDR emails



Step 2 :

By Default External PostMaster Address will be Empty

To Catch all External NDR’s (Common Scenario – When a mail is sent to a User from external world which doesn’t exist in our Server)

Set-TransportConfig -ExternalPostmasterAddress



Step 3 :

To Catch All internal NDR’s (Common Scenario – When a mail is sent to a Internal User to a internal User which doesn’t exist in our Server)

Set-OrganizationConfig -MicrosoftExchangeRecipientReplyRecipient



Step 4 :

To Set What all the NDR’s you want to catch from the server. –

-5.1.1 – am specifically adding as we are doing a GAL sync in my scenario and deleting/recreating users often so i want to catch all NDR’s which says (User Doesn’t exist)

Run (These are list of Common NDR’s)

Set-TransportConfig -GenerateCopyOfDSNFor 5.4.8,5.4.6,5.4.4,5.2.4,5.2.0,5.1.4,5.1.1

To See Common Enhanced Codes (DSN Codes)


For Example

To Remove or ADD DSN Codes later

Set-TransportConfig -GenerateCopyOfDSNFor @{Add=”5.7.5″; Remove=”5.7.1″}

Only to Add

Set-TransportConfig -GenerateCopyOfDSNFor @{Add=”5.7.1″}


(DSN- Delivery Status Notifications)

(NDR-Non-Delivery Report)


Step 5:

Now I added the postmaster account in my outlook . It started collecting my NDR’s


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  1. Thanks
    really interesting
    never saw that before

  2. Hi,

    I have some issue in my exchange 2010 environment.

    I want to restrict my inbound mail’s number of recipients to 10. I set the limit at all 4 levels (org, receiveconnector, mailbox). But it is working only for my outbound mails. Can you please guide me what else needs to do to achieve my requirement.

    Thanks in advance.


  3. Thanks for the above article.

    can we forward mailbox full notification email for the users to any other mailbox.


  4. This was exactly what I was looking forb, but it doesn’t seem to Work on my server. 🙁

    I don’t get any mails on the postmaster email. Any way to see if the settings is active.

  5. Thanks for the tips very helpfull..

    I have some problems with DSN’s that they come with 550 (Traditional Bounce Codes) without any x.y.z reference (e.g. 5.1.1) that they dont get caught/forwarded to the postmaster mailbox. I tried to to input the 550 code in Set-TransportConfig -GenerateCopyOfDSNFor but it only accepts the x.y.z format with the firts digit 2,4 or 5 so i miss some NDR’s/DSN’s.

    Has anyone ran into the same issue???

    • I have the same problem when users from an Exchange 2013 organization are sent to my external address – and the like …
      It seems the problem is that EDGE their server settings on NDR – but how to solve this problem, I do not know yet (just in search of materials and came across this article), perhaps the author tells how to organize the delivery of NDR to postmaster mailbox in case if EDGE yavlyaets dedicated server and stored in the DMZ

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