Sunday , August 2 2020

Group Write Back Permission issue

Just enabled Office 365 Group Write Back permission in my Azure AD Connect. It started generating permission issues. Even though it was running the latest version on a fresh green field tenant.

Group Write Back Permission issue was visible in my Azure AD Connect Server.


Verified its running the proper MSOL service account. Tried running re acls as mentioned in few articles.

No luck.


Right clicked on the Organizational Unit where the groups was supposed to write back in my local active directory. Gave “Create all Child Objects” groups started writing back instantly.

Make sure OU permissions have Create all Child Objects


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  1. I had to add my MSOL account and select create all child objects. Then it worked for me…

    I followed the MS documentation without luck. This helped me.

    Thank you

  2. This immediately helped. I was silly to believe configuring using the Azure AD Connect wizard would do everything for me for once.


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