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F5 Load Balancers Monitoring Using Solar Winds

To get centralized monitoring and Alerts requires F5 Enterprise Manager which is an additional cost. To monitor individual Appliances We can configure SNMP Agent which will give a detailed monitoring like any other Network Appliances.

In my case I tried acquiring a F5 Management Pack for System Center Operations Manager. Which F5 Provides after placing a request and its not available for public download. So I had to go with Solar Winds .

Lets see how to Configure Solar Winds with F5.

Step 1:

Login to the Individual Appliance Portal –

Enter the Credentials.

Step 2:

Allowing client access (Solar Winds Server) to the SNMP agent

Choose SNMP – Agent – Configuration


Choose Host – Add IP (Solar Winds Server IP)

127. Is Loop back is added already by default . am leaving like that.

Choose Update.


Now Give Access to the Community Strings . So that Solar winds can access those OID packages.


We are using only ipv4. So Editing only ipv4

Source – ALL

Access – Read Only.

SNMP v3 gives more Security like user authentication.


Traps Details –



To Make sure OIDs are available –  you can use SolarWindsSnmpWalk  – Install on Solar Winds server to check it.


Login to Solar Winds – Add a Node.


Use SNMP and Add the nodes and choose the required monitors you need.





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