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Export CSV using Employee ID in Active Directory

When you have only employee ID as input in CSV. lets see how to export the appropriate Active directory accounts to a csv file with employeeID,displayName,givenName,sn,sAMAccountName, mail, Department. You can always modify the scripts to get desired output.

Import-csv c:\employeeids.csv | ForEach-Object {
$ID = $_.employeeID
get-aduser -filter {employeeid -eq $ID} -Properties * | select-object employeeID,displayName,givenName,sn,sAMAccountName, mail, Department | Export-csv empo.csv -Append

Save as ps1 and update the CSV file location.

Satheshwaran Manoharan
Satheshwaran Manoharanhttps://www.azure365pro.com
Specialized in Microsoft Azure - Office 365 / Microsoft Exchange; conducted numerous projects worldwide in designing, supporting, and implementing messaging and virtualization infrastructure for medium-sized and large enterprises. Further, I am a Cloud Architect and Technical Advisor for various start-ups.

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