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Enable Opportunistic TLS with IronPort

Enabling Opportunistic TLS on your Anti spam Devices

A method which can described as “best effort”. When we configure our anti spam appliance to use the option of opportunistic TLS, each time that the anti spam appliance will try to send E-mail message to the internet , our mail system/anti spam will try to verify if the other side supports TLS (START TLS) .

If the destination messaging system supports TLS, our anti spam appliance will send the mail over a secure communication channel using the TLS protocol. if the desitination messaging system doesn’t support TLS it will fall back to un-encrypted communication channel.

Same steps taken while connecting for incoming emails as well . In this environment Iron Port anti spam appliances deliver and receive lets see how to set TLS as Preferred / Opportunistic so that it works smoothly without affecting production emails.

In my Scenario my domain MX is below

A Records and MX Records

PTR Records as below _

Wild Card Certificate from Digicert


Choose Network _ Certificates


Lets Add Certificate .  Choose Import Certificate


Choose the file and enter the passphrase . Click Next



Click on Submit


Assign the certificate on the listeners used


Choose the Certificate imported and click on Submit and Commit


Lets see how to import on the Inbound Emails First.


Choose the certificate click submit and commit.


Now click on the default connector.


Set TLS Support to Preferred .


Submit and commit.

Easiest way to validate send a email to gmail . It will show you the message was transferred using TLS or unencrypted.





Now lets see how to enable for incoming email.

Click on Mail Policies – Mail flow policies – Accepted


Now set TLS to Preferred . Submit and Commit.


you can validate on this site.



Now we have enabled Opportunistic TLS on outbound and inbound emails.

It will be used wherever possible.

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