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Does your email delivers late to your Outlook ?

I was wondering why my smart phones receive email before my Outlook does , Every time it gets a beep sound and after a while I see the same email delivers to my Outlook.

I was searching for an option to receive the email on the same time.

After a quick search , I found there is a option in your Outlook where you can define your interval timings for checking new email.

By Default Outlook 2013 does this check every 30 minutes.

Open your Outlook . Click on your SEND/RECEIVE tab


Click on the Send/Receive Groups

You will see a option “Schedule an automatic Send/Receive”


You can choose a minimum of 1 minute . and Enjoy Faster email.

If you Server is slow . Please spend 5 minutes to kick your IT admin . ha ha .

Note : This articles applies when Outlook  is Configured in Cache mode . We recommend to have the Outlook to be in cache mode . So that you can access your emails offline. Also it allows the servers to run with better performance

To Check which mode you are currently using

Click on File – Account settings


Double Click on your Profile you can see you are in Cache mode or in Online mode



Hope this article was informative

Satheshwaran Manoharan
Satheshwaran Manoharanhttps://www.azure365pro.com
Award-winning Technology Leader with a wealth of experience running large teams and diversified industry exposure in cloud computing. From shipping lines to rolling stocks.In-depth expertise in driving cloud adoption strategies and modernizing systems to cloud native. Specialized in Microsoft Cloud, DevOps, and Microsoft 365 Stack and conducted numerous successful projects worldwide. Also, Acting as a Technical Advisor for various start-ups.

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  1. fan of site
    thanks for sharing the information
    regarding timers
    I think for cached mode its 30 seconds(other like pop are 30 minutes)
    reasons why phone gets it faster is because it uses push while outlook doesn’t(unless its connected to outlook.com for example)

  2. It helped me a lot. I was getting my emails 30 mins late, but with the help of this article all the bugs got fixed, just did the little changes in article and now its working perfectly.

    Thank you so much…!!!

  3. Iam using Windows 10, While iam using my domain user Outlook will only send or receive mails only if the outlook is restarted. If i switch to my normal user it is working perfectly.

    Email we are using is POP3 and the local server is Windows Server 2012 R2.

    Please help


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