Monday , August 3 2020

DNS Prerequisites for Cross Forest Migration

Lets see how to create a conditional Forwarder in Microsoft DNS and inflobox to Create Two way transitive Trust prior to the migration.

Open Microsoft DNS Manager – Right Click on Conditional Forwarder – New Conditional forwarder


Enter the Other Forest Domain Name


Choose OK.

So any request to will resolve from

Am doing this from Forest A to Forest B (

Lets see how to create the same forwarder if you have a custom DNS Solution like inflobox

Adding Forwarding zone in Inflobox for

Step 1 – Add Forward Zone



Step 2 – Add and authoritative forward-mapping zone


Step 3 – name –


Add Name Servers Name Servers / Domain Controllers (AD Integrated DNS Servers)


Step 4 – Leave members empty


Step 5 – Leave Extensible Attributes empty

Choose Next


Step 6 – Choose Save and Close


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