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Deploy Bitnami WordPress using Docker Compose in Azure App Service

Docker Compose is a powerful tool for defining and running multi-container Docker applications, and it can be used to deploy applications on Azure App Service. With Docker Compose, you can define a complete application stack, including containers for the application itself, its dependencies, and any other services needed to function. By using Docker Compose to define the application stack, you can ensure that the application runs consistently across different environments, making it easier to move the application between different cloud providers or between development, staging, and production environments.

Simplified Deployment: Docker Compose provides a simple way to define and deploy multi-container applications, making deploying and managing Bitnami WordPress in App Service easier.

Consistent Environment: Docker Compose ensures that Bitnami WordPress and its dependencies run in a consistent environment, regardless of the underlying host operating system or hardware.

Portability: Docker Compose enables you to define the application stack in a portable way, allowing you to move the application between different environments or cloud providers easily.

Scalability: Docker Compose makes it easy to scale the Bitnami WordPress deployment by adding or removing containers as needed, enabling the application to handle increased traffic or workload.

Isolation: Docker Compose allows you to isolate the Bitnami WordPress application and its dependencies from the host operating system and other applications, improving security and stability.

Easy Updates: Docker Compose lets you easily update the Bitnami WordPress application and its dependencies to the latest version without affecting other applications running on the same host.

Resource Efficiency: Docker Compose enables you to optimize resource utilization by running multiple containers on the same host, reducing costs and improving performance.


Paste this yaml file in the config location of the Azure App service and save it.

version: '2'
    image: docker.io/bitnami/mariadb:latest
      - 'mariadb_data:/bitnami/mariadb'
      - MARIADB_USER=bn_wordpress
      - MARIADB_PASSWORD=bn_123
      - MARIADB_DATABASE=bitnami_wordpress
    image: docker.io/bitnami/wordpress:latest
      - '80:8080'
      - '443:8443'
      - 'wordpress_data:/bitnami/wordpress'
      - mariadb
      - WORDPRESS_USERNAME=wp.admin
      - WORDPRESS_PASSWORD=Password123
      - WORDPRESS_DATABASE_USER=bn_wordpress
      - WORDPRESS_DATABASE_NAME=bitnami_wordpress
    driver: local
    driver: local




Login with the credentials specified in the YAML file.

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