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Azure REDHAT Expand Virtual Disks

This document is on, How to utilize the azure attached virtual disk on REDHAT Environment.

sudo -i

Command to determine which logical volume (LV) is mounted on the root of the file system (/)

lsblk -f

Display Volume Group Size

vgdisplay rootvg

Install the cloud-utils-growpart package to provide the growpart command, which is required to increase the size of the OS disk and the gdisk handler for GPT disk layouts This package is preinstalled on most marketplace images

yum install cloud-utils-growpart gdisk

Scan Physical Volume & Check Drives

Growpart, Select the volume SDA2.

growpart /dev/sda 2

Select Physical Volume SDA2 resize command

pvresize /dev/sda2

Volume Resize ==> rootlv

lvresize -r -L +200G /dev/mapper/rootvg-rootlv

Example for Var & User Volume

lvresize -r -L +100G /dev/mapper/rootvg-varlv
lvresize -r -L +5G /dev/mapper/rootvg-usrlv

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