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Azure Web-App with Azure SQL (Private Link)

This document provides in-depth configuration of Azure App-Service with Azure SQL (Private Link)

  • Create a New Resource Groups for App-Service & Azure SQL
  • Create an App-Service(SQU: dotnet 6 LTS) with App-Service Plan
  • Search and Create Azure SQL
  • Create Azure SQL Database Server
  • Create Azure SQL Database
  • Create Virtual Network
  • Create New Resource Group for Virtual Network
  • Create two subnets for application & database
  • Creating a Private Link Endpoint on Azure SQL Server
  • Select the Azure Sql Resource Group
  • Select Database Subnet
  • Select Azure Sql Resource Group
  • Interacting App-service Network – Outbound Traffic
  • Select App Subnet

Testing Network Connection

  • Create a Azure Windows Virtual Machine connection to Database Subnet
  • On the Virtual Machine search for ODBC

Use the Azure SQL’s Connection Sting to Connect

Dinesh D P
Dinesh D P
As a seasoned Senior DevOps Engineer at Virtual Petals, I bring a wealth of expertise in Microsoft Cloud, DevOps, and the Microsoft 365 Stack. With a track record of delivering successful projects across the globe.

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