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Automount consensus not reached : Databases Dismounted

  • Power Failure in Datacenter . All nodes went up and down.
  • Tried mounting Databases – Failed.
  • Cluster lost the Votes and went to a state where it doesn’t know which one to mount.

[PS] C:\>Get-MailboxDatabase | Mount-Database -Force

Failed to mount database “DB”. Error: An Active Manager operation failed. Error: An Active Manager operation encountered an error. To perform this operation, the server must be a member of a database availability group, and the database availability group must have quorum. Error: Automount consensus not reached. [Server:EXCH01.careexchange.in]+ CategoryInfo : InvalidOperation: (DB:ADObjectId) [Mount-Database], InvalidOperationException+ FullyQualifiedErrorId : [Server=EXCH01,RequestId=5d2959e0-5976-4c94-a324-6bc5ad40be85,TimeStamp=3/7/2016 10:49:36 AM] [FailureCategory=Cmdlet-InvalidOperationException] 26486D4A,Microsoft.Exchange.Management.SystemConfigurationTasks.MountDatabase+ PSComputerName : exch01.careexchange.in


Resolution –

Start-DatabaseAvailabilityGroup -MailboxServer EXCH01

Note : In my case – Server in my primary site,DAC(Datacenter Activation Coordination mode) is ON , Databases are already in Exch01. Started DAG saying EXCH01 is live and functional and to check the started and stopped DAG members to come out the confusion.

Now Mounted all databases Successfully.

Get-MailboxDatabase | Mount-Database -Force
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  1. Thanks a ton u saved my hell lot of time which i wasted due to this,i searched on the whole internet and did not find a straight forward and such an easy solution which you have provided.thanks once again


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