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Additional Authentication is required to complete this Signin in M365 Azure AD

Keep your account secure – Your Organization requires you to set up the following methods of proving who you are :

Additional Authentication is required to complete this Sign-in

In an Authentication Methods Policy, the term “exclude” refers to the ability to restrict or prevent users from registering specific authentication methods. This exclusion does not apply to multi-factor authentication (MFA) itself. Instead, it is focused on allowing users to choose which particular methods they do not wish to register or use.

The Authentication Methods Policy does not exclude users from MFA entirely. It simply allows users to exclude certain specific methods from their authentication choices. For example, if users do not wish to register their mobile phone number for MFA, they can exclude that method. However, they would still be required to use other registered methods when MFA is enforced.

It’s important to note that the exclusion of access methods, such as determining which authentication methods are available in specific scenarios, is typically handled through Conditional Access policies. These policies allow administrators to define specific conditions, such as user location or device type, to determine the appropriate authentication methods.

The Authentication Methods Policy primarily focuses on giving users control over their authentication options and allowing them to exclude specific methods they do not wish to use. At the same time, Conditional Access policies govern the overall access and authentication requirements based on various conditions.

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