Sunday , January 24 2021

10 Useful Basic commands which make life easy for Troubleshooters

1 . To find User Logged in to which domain ?

Set u


Running “Set”

Gives all the basic information

2 . To find user resides in which Active Directory Site ?

nltest /dsgetsite


3 . To find which DC is Domain Joined system in binding to ?



4 . To find how many DC’s the Environment has ?

netdom query dc


5 . To find where the FSMO roles are ?

netdom query fsmo


6 . To Sync all the available Domain Controllers  to the Current DC  ?

(To be run on DC)

repadmin /sycall /Aped


7.  To Find DC connectivity is healthy from the Domain Joined Machine ?

dcdiag /s:”DC FQDN”


8. To find the Computer name ?



9. To find which are the ports are listening ?

netstat -an | find /i "listening"


10 .  To Find the Statistics of the LAN and the Route Table ?

Netstat -Reports


To Replicate DNS

dnscmd ny-dc1 /zonerefresh

To Move Cluster Group

Cluster Group “Cluster Group”/MOVETO:ServerName

Hope its a Useful Blog to have this Commands Handy in One place


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