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Deploy a Container Image in a Linux VM

Container images are a lightweight, standalone, and executable software package that includes everything needed to run a piece of software: the code, runtime, system...

Configure Azure App Service Deployment Slot

Azure App Service Deployment Slots provide a feature that allows you to create multiple deployment slots (or environments) within an Azure App Service. These...

Deploy Azure Disk Encryption for Data Disk.

Azure Disk Encryption is a security feature provided by Microsoft Azure that helps safeguard data on Azure Virtual Machine disks using encryption. It employs...

Create and deploy Specialized VM Images in Azure

In Azure, a specialized VM image refers to a virtual machine image that has been pre-configured and customized for specific tasks or roles within...

Implementing Load Balancers for Multiple Virtual Machines

Exploring the Key Benefits and Use Cases of Azure Load Balancer for Efficient Load Distribution and High Availability in Cloud Deployments. Azure Load Balancer ensures...

Managing IP Address for Azure Services.

Azure provides Public IP addresses that allow resources within your Virtual Networks to communicate with the internet. These are typically used for services like...

Deploy Bastion Host to connect to Virtual Machines.

A "Bastion Host" in Azure is a dedicated virtual machine that serves as a secure gateway for connecting to other virtual machines within an...

Creating Snapshots of Data Disks in Azure

In Azure, "Snapshots of Data Disks" refer to the capability to create point-in-time backups of the data disks attached to your virtual machines. These...

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