Export all distribution Group and all members in Exchange and Office 365

In some situations, we have to Export all the Distribution group/Unified Groups and all the members of it to a CSV file. There is no command let available to retrieve the distribution group and distribution group members in bulk. The pipeline won’t work in this case. NEW ****2021 Export all …

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Adding [EXTERNAL] for emails with Auto Remove on Reply

In the world of spam and the number of phishing emails is increasing day by day.  Alarming the users that this is an External email which is evidently required. Improve Security and but without killing the user experience and Outlook is predominantly taking the primary role of productivity we should …

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Leaving the Organization as guest in Teams

Leaving the Organization in teams is certainly important. So that you can come out of the organization where you have been invited as a guest once your work is completed User experience updated to leave the organization Old Experience – Login to Choose the Organization you want to …

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