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SQL 2014/2016 Express Daily Full Backup using PowerShell


As SQL Server Agent doesn’t function on SQL 2014 Express. We have to use scripts to do daily backup.

But Powershell SQLPS module can make things more easy for Admins.

  • DailySQLDatabaseBackup

Create a Scheduled Task in Windows Server 2012 R2

Note: Using Windows Task Scheduler to Run Power shell Scripts


Start Daily –


  • Program – PowerShell
  • Add Arguments – C:\Scripts\Sql2014Express.ps1


#SQL Full Backup Powershell Script

Import-Module sqlps
$Date = (Get-Date -format "MM-dd-yyyy")
$location = "C:\DatabaseBackup\DBName($date).bak"
Backup-SqlDatabase -ServerInstance Servername -Database DBName -BackupFile $location

NOTE : Please Update —
DBNAME on Line 3,line 4
ServerName on Line 4

Example – Save to PS1 and it should create new full backups in this folder without appending or overwriting.


Example –


Good to know –

Get-SqlDatabase –ServerInstance servername


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