Tuesday , December 18 2018


Create Shared Disks for Oracle Linux in VMware

Lets see if you wish to create a shared disk on a Oracle Linux virtual machine. The only difference i could see in a oracle linux you choose LSI Logic parallel and its recommended to choose VMware Para Virtual if its only a Oracle Rac cluster. The multi-writer option allows ...

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Unable to find the answer CAFVARDIR in the installer Database–VMtools

Installing VMware Tools on Red Hat Servers will fail with Error   Unable to Execute /USR/bin/VMware-uninstall-tools.pl Uninstall Failed Please correct the failure and re run the install. Execution aborted. Locating to bin and run VMware-uninstall-tools.pl will fail with Error Unable to find the answer CAFVARDIR in the installer database. (etc/vmware-caf/pme/install/preuninstall.sh) ...

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vCenter Appliance 6.0 Unexpected inconsistency Run Fsck Manually

Solution – Enter Root Password Rebooted the vCenter Appliance Virtual Machine needed disk consolidation. Logged to in the Esxi host , Ran Disk Consolidation for the vCenter. Then Logged in to https://vcenter.careexchange.in:5480 Now Logged in to putty / Bash Ran shows the disk is full. Logged to the hosted Esxi ...

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vSphere Client 500 SSO Error:null

vSphere web Client says 500 SSO Error Null after reboot of vCenter Virtual Appliance. Solution – Once you are connected to your vCenter Server Appliance check your log file hostname# cat   /var/log/vmware/vsphere-client/logs/vsphere-client-virgo.log Reading the logs – The PSC and the VCSA  time was off by 20 minutes. I configured the ...

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