Tuesday , May 22 2018

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Exchange Server 2016 CU9 Outlook Web Access ArgumentException

Outlook Web Access broken – The Message Can’t be sent right now. Please Try again later. 🙁 Something went wrong You don’t have permission to open this mailbox. X-ClientId: AD61DCBD537D45E6991582E6F29AD481 request-id 968f5f95-67b7-4f20-9e1a-260e882e1788 X-OWA-Error Microsoft.Exchange.Clients.Owa2.Server.Core.OwaExplicitLogonException X-OWA-Version 15.1.1466.3 X-FEServer EXCH2 X-BEServer EXCH1 Date:5/13/2018 11:16:52 AM InnerException: Microsoft.Exchange.Data.Storage.ConnectionFailedTransientException X-ClientId: 622956311E914C1C8F1068C0A4652E4D request-id 60d75a20-a662-4528-9e71-e9c4d4b68d20 X-OWA-Error ...

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Configuring IMAP in Exchange Server 2016

Start the IMAP Services and to Automatic. Using PowerShell – Using GUI – open Services.msc – Set IMAP to automatic and start it To be Run on all Mailbox Servers Also Run Restart Pop and IMAP services to Take effect.   Outlook 2016 Client Settings for IMAP to work.

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MS Filtering Engine Update process was unsuccessful to download

Log Name:      Application Source:        Microsoft-Filtering-FIPFS Event ID:      6027 Level:         Error Keywords: User:          NETWORK SERVICE Computer:      EXCH1.azure365pro.com Description: MS Filtering Engine Update process was unsuccessful to download the engine update for UM from Primary Update Path. Update Path:http://amupdatedl.microsoft.com/server/amupdate UpdateVersion: Reason:”There was an error while downloading the universal manifest. Error:Unable to load ...

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Policies you should never configure on Windows 10 with WSUS

When you have windows 10 in your environment and machines are configured with Windows Server Update Services. You should never configure Branch readiness level or tried to delay or defer feature  upgrades or quality updates using group policy. If you do that . The moment any one of these policies ...

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Create Shared Disks for Oracle Linux in VMware

Lets see if you wish to create a shared disk on a Oracle Linux virtual machine. The only difference i could see in a oracle linux you choose LSI Logic parallel and its recommended to choose VMware Para Virtual if its only a Oracle Rac cluster. The multi-writer option allows ...

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Configure f5 LTM with Exchange Server 2016

Had to deploy Exchange server 2016 with F5 Local Traffic manager (LTM) and F5 Application Security Manger (ASM) . Lets see how to configure it Points to Consider – F5 Local Traffic Manager (LTM) should be the gateway for the exchange server. (Highly recommended to reduce complexity and retain SMTP ...

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