Tuesday , April 23 2019

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Active Directory Database Corruption

Error issuing replication : 8451 (0x2103) The replication operation encountered a database error. Press F8 on Boot.  (If its on VMware enter bios menu . Then exit and press F8) Check if Database is corrupted. if its corrupted . please proceed with next steps. if semantic database find any errors. ...

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Domain Controller Metadata Cleanup Denied

  Metadata Cleanup Fails with DsRemoveDsServerW error 0x5(Access is denied.) Solution – Make Sure all objects which you trying to remove  “Protect Object from Accidental deletion” is unchecked in Active Directory Sites and Services.

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Moving Mailboxes from Child domain to root domain.

In my Scenario _ Root Domain – A.com Child Domain – B.com – Customer wants to get rid of B.com and its Exchange servers. So that he move forward to migrate to the cloud. Without involving B.com Let’s move B.com (Child Domain) testeuro15@B.com testeuro17@B.com to A.com (Root Domain) testeuro15@B.com testeuro17@B.com ...

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Could not find any global catalog while Exchange server removal

Couldn’t remove a Disaster Recovery site exchange server. Where no active directory servers exist. Which belongs to a old setup. Setup Encountered while validating the state of Active Directory : Could not find any Global Catalog in the forest. Setup cannot continue with the uninstall because the “beremote” () process ...

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Moving users using ADMT 3.2 in Windows Server 2012 R2

Download Active Directory Migration Tool version 3.2 Type the Default Instance if you have a SQL Server ,I have the SQL server on DC itself , So I have typed SERVERNAME\SQLEXPRESS Make sure you install SQL 2012 SP1. SQL 2012 Sp1 Named Instance as SQLExpress in the Local Server. Make ...

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